Border debate set to intensify as Title 42 ends, GOP takes over House

The Biden administration has said it will appeal the most recent Title 42 ruling.
Border Wall Shipping Containers
Posted at 3:00 AM, Dec 08, 2022

YUMA, AZ — A federal judge has ruled that a COVID-19 public health order must end by Dec. 21 at our southern border.

That order, known as Title 42, has allowed the Trump and Biden administrations to remove migrants faster since 2020.

The Biden administration said Wednesday it will appeal the ruling. That won't be the only border issue taking place in the coming days.

The new Republican-led House is promising an increase in funding and scrutiny of border security come January.

Current, GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy has already said their first bill will be about the border.

But, what do border patrol agents actually want from the new Congress in order to do their job better?

"Law enforcement and border security is not easy," Clem said.

On paper, funding and changes at the border are more likely to happen come January.

Republicans campaigned heavily on the issue.

"We need congressional support to continue the investments we have been making," Chris Clem, a chief patrol agent for U.S. Border Patrol said.

Specifically, he emphasized the most significant action Congress can take is to continue to allocate resources so he can hire outside contractors to process paperwork so his agents can patrol more.

Shipping containers, which Republican state lawmakers placed along the border to fill in gaps in the wall, are already on track to be upgraded soon.

The gaps were originally there so wildlife crossings and other environmental and agricultural concerns would be mitigated.

Chief Clem, however, made clear better pay for his agents would be nice.

"The law enforcement profession has taken a hit these last few years, so I would use that money to recruit and retain more border patrol agents," he said.

Republican leaders in the House won't be able to pass new funding on their own; they'll need Democrats in the Senate and President Joe Biden.

In order to get that, negotiations over new immigration laws will likely be needed.

"We are still currently operating under 1986 and 1990 fundamental immigration laws," Clem said, emphasizing that is a needed change as well.