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College student creates granola with insect protein

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Posted at 8:39 AM, May 02, 2022

DENVER — A college student is making her own granola with a special ingredient.

“I usually start with almonds, they’re all organic and local, hand-chopped,” said Clare Whetzel.

The University of Denver student decided to make her unique granola mix when she entered a pitch competition at her school.

“I have three flavors and in all the flavors, I only have about six to eight ingredients. And compared to grocery store granola, other forms of protein. That's a lot better for you than having preservatives, and emulsifiers and all of that unnatural stuff,” Whetzel said.

In her granola, you can find brown sugar, and coconut shavings, cacao powder.

But there is one magic ingredient.

“This is mealworm powder,” Whetzel said.

“I thought, we can get insect powder into everyday foods. And that way, we can have an alternative source of protein to meat and it's more environmentally friendly, and actually a lot more healthy,” she continued.

“I’ve always had a passion for sustainability and being environmentally conscious and getting eco-friendly stuff,” Whetzel said.

The college student says a lot more people are comfortable with eating food made with worms than she expected.

“I thought I would have to do a lot more convincing than I actually have to do,” she said.

This story was first reported by Kristian Lopez at KMGH in Denver.