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Family still searching for answers in Utah double-murder investigation

Posted at 1:53 PM, Jan 25, 2022

MOAB, Utah — Sean-Paul Schulte spent nearly a month of his own time in Moab trying to gather clues and develop a list of "persons of interest" potentially involved in the murders of newlyweds Kylen Schulte and Crystal Turner.

Last week, the Grand County Sheriff's Office released new information, some of it mentioning "persons of interest" but not having a formal suspect. The sheriff's office believes the two were killed on August 14, 2021.

“Am I confident in law enforcement? Yeah, I don’t think they’re going to call me today, but that’s because I’ve been holding my breath for six months," Sean-Paul said Monday. “Do I want to let my breath out? Hell yeah. Do I want to go in there and give everyone in that sheriff’s office a big hug and take them all out to dinner? Hell yeah, I want to, but I’m still holding my breath over here.”

He has been in Moab for a few long stretches since his daughter and wife were found shot and killed in a campsite outside of town in August, but he intends to head back to Helena, Montana.

This isn't the first time Sean-Paul has dealt with the tragedy of losing a child. He lost his son nearly seven years ago in a shooting. His son was 15 years old at the time. Sean-Paul said he "shut down" and isolated himself for almost six months after the death of his son, but after the loss of Kylen, he wanted to do the exact opposite.

"Until I get the call that says, 'Hey Sean-Paul, we have a match of fingerprints, we have a match of DNA, we have a match of ballistics, we have cell phone pings and no alibi,' well, now I’ll start to say, 'Well, maybe it’s time for me to start to believe that we’re going to wrap this up,'" he said.

This past weekend, a ceremony was held to dedicate a sculpture created and donated by a local artist in honor of Kylen and Crystal.

While Sean-Paul says the most recent update from law enforcement wasn't new information to him, the updates are still valuable for the family.

“The one thing that I think would make a huge break in this case that hasn’t happened yet is someone that still hasn’t heard about it that has dashcam footage, has a GoPro footage, someone that was on vacation in Moab that may have a vehicle coming off or on the road that was on La Sal Loop Road," said Bridget Calvert, Kylen's Aunt. “Someone might have that little tidbit that makes the break in the case, and they still haven’t heard about the double homicide in Moab in August 2021.”

The Grand County Sheriff's Office is still asking for information from the public and encourages people not to spread rumors or share misinformation on social media.

Brian Schnee at KSTU first reported this story.