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Food insecurity increased after child tax credit payments ended, study found

Posted at 11:06 AM, May 12, 2022

Food insecurity is becoming a more widespread concern among families with children.

New data from Children’s HealthWatch shows that food insecurity grew by 12% in February, after child tax credit payments under a federal COVID-19 relief plan ended.

The nonpartisan group said that was “more than triple pre-pandemic levels.”

The group found that food insecurity improved in 2021, when 36 million families received child tax credit payments.

Families receive between $250 and $300 each month per child during the time the child tax credit was in place.

The report concluded that the “pandemic and inflation continue to cause economic hardship, including due to missed work.”

Children’s HealthWatch is now urging the government to restart child tax credit payments to help families afford food.