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John Travolta adopts puppy featured during Betty White tribute on the Oscars

Posted at 9:56 AM, Mar 30, 2022

John Travolta honored Betty White's memory by taking home a puppy.

Jamie Lee Curtis featured the dog during a tribute to Betty White during the Oscars on Sunday.

Curtis then posted a picture on Instagram of Travolta holding the dog backstage.

"I thought it was so beautiful to see him with her," Curtis said.

Travolta then posted a picture with him, the dog and his son.

"Ben adopted this dog from last night's Oscar tribute to Betty White," Travolta said in his post on Instagram.

Travolta thanked Curtis and the organization that made the adoption possible.

Betty White died at the end of 2021. In honor of the late actor's love for animals, the "Betty White Challenge" was created.

Animal shelters across the country received thousands of dollars in donations as a tribute to the Hollywood icon.