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Man in California to play 50 rounds of golf in 50 states in 50 days

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Posted at 4:41 PM, Jun 25, 2021

Sometimes a day well spent is 18 holes on your favorite golf course, just ask La Mesa, California, resident Clay Phillips, who loves nothing better than hitting a drive down the middle of the fairway or sinking a birdie putt.

"I've been playing it for 50 years and the moment I think I've mastered the game, the next day I'm a buffoon," Phillips said.

In regards to Phillips, 50 is certainly an interesting number -- he is about to head out on an epic golfing adventure where he will play 50 rounds of golf, in 50 states, and doing it in 50 days.

"I'm a planner by nature and I've loved to put this puzzle together. I think it's possible. it's just whether this tired old body will hold up," said Phillips.

However, this is more than just a golfing adventure, as Phillips is tying golf to two charities, Project Blue and Water First International. It's all about helping a cause he is deeply passionate about.

"Easy access to clean water. It has always stunned me just how many millions of people die from dirty water, and not only that but also the millions of people whose economies are in turmoil. All because they have to waste so much time trekking to bring semi-clean water to their homes," Phillips told ABC 10News.

Phillips is encouraging people to go to his website,, and make any size donation. In fact, he said the pledging process has gotten a little creative.

"I have some people basing their pledge on the number of birdies I make or the number of pars I make. Others are basing their pledge on the number of rounds where I don't swear or the number of states I don't get a speeding ticket. So it behooves the charities for me to play good golf," Phillips said.

Phillips will start his golf adventure in Hawaii in August, and finish up in October at Singing Hills golf course in El Cajon.

Steve Smith at KGTV first reported this story.