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Mattel adds Susan B. Anthony Barbie to its 'Inspiring Women' collection

Mattel adds Susan B. Anthony Barbie to its 'Inspiring Women' collection
Posted at 12:55 PM, Oct 07, 2020

With Election Day right around the corner, Mattel has unveiled their latest addition to its "Inspiring Women" series - Susan B. Anthony.

The toy company said that it wanted to honor Anthony for her "pioneering efforts and far-reaching impact" in the fight for women having the right to vote.

"On November 5, 1872, while protesting and leading the charge for women's voting rights, Susan B. Anthony made a defiant move," Mattel said on its website. "She voted in the presidential election and was arrested at her home in Rochester, NY."

Because Anthony helped pave the way, the 19th Amendment was passed in 1920, which gave women everywhere the right to vote.

Last week, the National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House unveiled the doll inside Anthony's home.

In a press release, Deborah L. Hughes, President & CEO of the Anthony Museum, said they were delighted to hear from Mattel's design team about constructing a doll that would reflect "Susan B. Anthony's life and work."

The doll's launch in 2020 makes it extra unique since it marks the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment passing, Anthony's 200th birthday, and the museum's 75th anniversary.

The doll comes dressed in a floor-length black and lace dress, accented with glasses, and a lace collar fastened with a cameo brooch.

The doll is available for a limited time only and sells for $29.99 on Mattel's website.