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Here's how kids can help support the people of Ukraine

Posted at 1:16 PM, Mar 16, 2022

Kids across the country are asking how they can help support the people of Ukraine.

"They want to understand the conflict in the region, they want to understand the history and the geography, they want to know what people are doing to help, and, most important of all, they want to help themselves," said Andrea Barbalich, the editor-in-chief at The Week Junior. "This is a very informed, engaged and empathetic generation of children, and they really want to make a difference."

Barbalich and The Week Junior are encouraging kids to help Ukraine by supporting a relief organization with help from adults. They're urging kids to write to elected officials, reach out to a Ukrainian or Russian family in the U.S. with kind words or create and display a poster for peace.

Larysa Leciw is among those children looking to support Ukraine.

"I drew the picture because I'm Ukrainian and I love my country and I wanted to show my support in some way," she said. "I can be proud of my history. There's a lot to be proud of. I can be proud of my family who's staying to fight."

Along with her poster for peace, Larysa says her family is supporting organizations in the U.S. that are helping get medical supplies to Ukraine.

She wants other kids to know that they, too can make an impact.

"I want them to find a way to help Ukraine themselves," Larysa said. "They may not feel like they can, but there's ways you can do it, and I really hope Ukraine gets the help that's needed."

For parents who may be unsure about how to talk with their kids about the war in Ukraine, Larysa says to answer a child's questions in a calm, factual way. Tell them the truth, but only provide enough detail that is appropriate for their maturity level.

"We've been emphasizing to kids that there are people all around the world who are stepping up to help people in need, and to take concrete action to help and the conflict," Barbalich said.

Find more resources for how kids can help and a guide for parents here.