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'Snow angels' keeping 'Good Neighbor' mentality across New York amid lake effect snow storm

Posted at 10:52 AM, Nov 22, 2022

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WKBW) — When hit with a snow day, many teens would consider it a "pajama day", and maybe take advantage of sleeping in, but 16-year-old Paul had other plans.

"We basically went back out there to clear more snow after more had came down and everything. We just kept doing it over and over until it all stopped," West Seneca resident, Paul said on Monday.

The West Seneca high schooler woke up at 4 a.m. Friday to clear his neighbors' driveway, on a mission to spread Buffalo "strength" to his neighbors in need.

"A lot of our neighbors, they love him, even the teachers at school. They love him. He helps out, he'll go to them and say, 'I'm cutting the grass.' Sometimes, he'll just go over there and start cutting it," Paul's mother, Kimberley said.

He was outside for about three hours, spending almost an hour for each neighbor. Paul said many of his neighbors are retired or single parents.

Western New York just had a snow storm that piled by the feet.

"I'm proud of what he does," Kimberley added.

Other Western New Yorkers emphasized on the "Good Neighbor" mentality, like 17-year-old Elaine Marie.

This is a photo of Elaine Marie, in Orchard Park, shoveling during the snow storm.

Her grandmother, Donna Drake, sharing this photo from over in Orchard Park, which got roughly 80 inches of snow.

Elaine, who stands about 4 feet 10 inches, took six hours to clear the driveway for her neighbors.

Susan O'Connor sent this photo, out of Lancaster.

Susan O'Connor, in Lancaster, shared this photo of a man clearing off her Jeep.

She said that he came from Virginia last week to help his mother-in-law go to Roswell for treatment and to take his son to the Bills game against the Browns.

Unfortunately, his mother-in-law's mother got stuck at Roswell, and he was not able to take his son to his first Bills game, but regardless the neighborhood is calling him a hero for helping everyone in the townhouse complex.

Janalee Spink sent this photo of her husband helping out the neighborhood.

Janalee Spink said that her husband qualifies as a snow angel.

She said he spent 18 hours outside for three days, helping every neighbor he could. She said he even walked the snow blower down their entire street.

Jennifer Beirdneau sent in this photo of another snow angel.

Another photo from Jennifer Beirdneau, in Orchard Park showed more than 4-feet of snow in their driveway. She said they had no idea how they would get it cleared. As for the cars, well, that is a thought she said she will worry about later.

This article was written by WKBW.