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UFC president Dana White apologizes after video surfaces of him slapping his wife

Dana White
Posted at 10:39 AM, Jan 03, 2023

UFC president Dana White says he and his wife have apologized to each other and their children after a video surfaced of them getting into an altercation.

White spoke to TMZ after the outlet published a video that captured the incident.

In the video, White's wife slaps him across the face. He then slaps her back.

White said what he did goes against what he believes.

"You've heard me say for years that there's never ever an excuse for a guy to put his hands on a woman," White told TMZ.

White and his wife were in Mexico for New Year's Eve at the time of the incident.

He said they both had too much to drink.

"I'm literally making no excuses for this thing at all. It's never happened before. It's the first time," White said.

The mixed martial arts promoter said he's known his wife since they were 12 years old.

He added that they have been married for about 30 years.

White said their focus is taking care of their three kids.

White's wife issued a statement to TMZ, which said this was an isolated incident.