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Hamilton Senior Center receiving some much-needed renovations

Posted at 5:42 PM, Jan 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-11 19:42:36-05

HAMILTON – There’s a lot going on at the Hamilton Senior Center, and it’s not the Monday, Wednesday, Friday lunches or line dancing classes.  

Thanks to community donations, renovations strive to make the building less hazardous and more accessible.

Projects like improving the Bitterroot room’s floor, or adding double doors to entryways, should make the building better for the senior citizens who use it day-in and day-out

“Oh we’ve done a lot of upgrades in the past year. Some of it is hazard, most of it is cosmetic: Makes it look better, and a lot of maintenance has been going by the side for some years. So we’re trying to pick up where we should have sometime back,” said board of directors member Bill Becker.

It’s tough to fit in all that maintenance when your as busy as this senior center is.

“It’s a full schedule and the place is always kept busy, one way or another. The wife handles the rentals and we’ve got people who have been coming here for years for the different things,” Becker said.

A strong group of volunteers helps keep the busy center going and funding mostly comes from community support.

“90 percent of our funding comes from donations. People who leave a thing in their will or people just donate on a regular basis.”

And if you would like to be one of those supporters, the process couldn’t be easier.

The steps to donating here: Come in and see our secretary, our president, make the donation, they’ll give you a receipt and you’re on your way,” Becker added.

One of the improvements that has already been completed is in the kitchen where they have a new non-slip floor and making lunches which the center has been selling out of.

They have also finished installing a new hardwood dance floor for the Bitterroot room.