Stevensville hosts annual 4th of July celebration

Posted at 8:57 AM, Jul 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-05 10:58:38-04

STEVENSVILLE – The 35th pig roast “Pignic” — hosted by the Stevensville Civic Club and the Stevensville Fire Department — returned on July 4.

Mayor Brandon Dewey says the event is a great representation of the Stevensville community because everyone pitches in to make it happen.

The fire department cooked all of the pork and was up early in the morning to serve the food by noon.

Along with all the food,  a SkateJam competition pitted Stevensville’s best skateboarders against each other at the Stevensville skate park.

Mayor Dewey says the SkateJam allows Stevensville citizens to stay in their community instead of having to travel to Missoula or Hamilton for fourth festivities.

“This event was really designed to meet the needs of the community for the people that didn’t leave town and go someplace on the fourth,” explained Stevensville resident Bill Perrin.

“The civic club is the one that has always done it and they were looking at ways to meet the needs of the people and at that time and there is a lot of elderly people and still today that don’t have the means or the capability to leave and go somewhere else,” he added.

Area businesses and individuals also pitched in about $4,000 for their Thursday night fireworks display.