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New Lost Trail shuttle service available for snow enthusiasts

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jan 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 16:20:36-05

Weather forecasts say that Lost Trail Ski Area is going to get a pretty hefty amount of snow over the next few days.

While the Lost Trail Pass might be difficult to traverse thanks to all the extra snow, a new bus service can alleviate the headache of driving up to the base of the mountain.

MS Transportation will be picking up skiers and snowboarders every Saturday at 6:45 a.m. at Bitterroot Laundry in Hamilton and will stop at Darby High School a half-hour later.

Fifty-two people can fit comfortably in the bus with all the ski and snowboard gear needed to rip up the mountain. The bus will also be locked while people are on the mountain for security.

Owner and driver Matt Schultz ran a transportation company out of Hamilton and is using his expertise to save traffic on the hill while providing an opportunity for kids to get rides up to the mountain.

Whether the bus is full or not, Schultz plans on being up on the mountain this weekend.

"We will be back we have gone three weekends we didn’t go last weekend, but we did go the two weekends before that. And we are going to go this Saturday and as long as we have people, we are going to go," Schultz said.

"So, if we have 50 or two, we are going to haul you to the hill and let you going skiing that’s what we are here for," he added. "When this road gets slick up here and people are driving too fast and to would just be nice to provide people something safe to travel in. I’m looking forward to hauling any one that’s willing to go and I can talk to the best of them so we will have fun at it."

The bus service is also available for private parties and you can contact MS Transportation about that option.