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MT artist gains large social media following through stunning bead work

Posted at 7:06 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-10 14:28:01-04

ROCKY BOY — One Rocky Boy man's stunning bead work is the star of the show on social media.

A documentary focusing on John Murie's designs is currently in the works and he's also recently been featured in several Western magazines.

But for this professor, it's the art of teaching others that means the most. His thousands of social media followers started off modestly.

"I started posting a pair of moccasins a day, for like three or four months," Murie said. "The first post, there wasn't many peope. By the time three months was up, I had a few thousand followers."

Some 13,000 people now follow along as Murie posts his latest creations. Customers from around the world have commissioned his designs.

"People love the work, and they love the design, and they love the buckskin," Murie said.

Through his beading, he hopes to keep an ancient tradition alive.

"We can’t just say the only thing that matters is 100 years ago. No we matter, and we’re still here, so we gotta keep going, and we’re gonna keep telling our stories through art," Murie said.

And through his teaching, he wants to inspire a new generations of artists to create.