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Montana professors offer insight on Russia-Ukraine conflict

Ukraine Bombing
Posted at 9:26 AM, Mar 03, 2022

GREAT FALLS — MTN News spoke with professors at Providence University in Great Falls to get their perspective on the Russian invasion of Ukriane.

As many people still struggle to make sense of the War that has broken out in Easten Europe, Economic Professor JamesLautenschlager offered some insight into the economic benefits Russia may be seeking.

“Ukraine is very rich in natural resources. They have very good land that can be formed agriculturally. It is very rich in terms of natural resources so I can understand why President Vladimir Putin would want that to be a part of Russia.”
However, a conflict of this magnitude is more likely not only for economic gain but personal vendettas as well.

History instructor Benjamin Donnelly provided some insight into what has been brewing for years at the Russia-Ukraine border, "they have had issues for probably the last several centuries.”

He noted that in some sense, it was just a matter of time till a conflict broke out, "there is a lot of hatred between the Russians the Ukrainians and I think that's why we are seeing the Ukraine fight back so hard.”

As we continue to see new attacks unfold — and more economic strain on both countries — the future of Ukraine is still under fire.

“It is already a big historical event, will it get worse. Will it spread? That's always a possibility," Donnelly concluded.