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University of Idaho students return to campus following murder of classmates

Four Dead University of Idaho
Posted at 3:30 PM, Nov 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-11-29 10:16:08-05

MOSCOW, ID - Monday marks the first day for some University of Idaho students returning to campus following the murders of four UI students.

University leaders say as students come back to campus, they will see an increased presence in local security and law enforcement.

University of Idaho President Scott Green assured students since the beginning of the investigation the school would meet students where they were, including finishing their semester online.

But some students say they didn't want to finish their semester online and came back to campus Sunday. Others say they feel safer in coming back, knowing the University is stepping up security.

"It was more of a decision if I wanted to keep home at home and school at school,” said student Karl Surmanis.

"I’m coming back. I feel a lot safer and I see Idaho State Police out, Moscow PD out, Hells Canyon security. I feel safer now,” added student Owen O’Dea.

President Green says the University will be flexible in its final two weeks of the semester. UI also still plans to hold graduation ceremonies on Dec. 10.

At this time, the city says no suspect has been identified and that only vetted information that does not compromise the investigation will be released to the public.