Brewers from all over Montana gather in Philipsburg

Posted at 3:18 PM, Feb 17, 2019

PHILIPSBURG – Blue skies made it much easier for people to travel on Saturday which came in handy for a large group of Montana brewers.

The Old Fire Hall in Philipsburg was home to the 7th annual Ice Association Brewfest which featured live music and stations to sample beer from 19 different breweries from around the state.

All of the proceeds from the event were going to the Philipsburg Ice Association which organizes events to encourage youth participation in winter ice sports. The group’s Heidi Beck Heser says this event does a lot more than help their organization.

“People either travel to that part of the state which is good for all of tourism you know, that’s hotels, that’s gas, that’s food,” said Heser.

She said the event also helps breweries determine if there is enough demand to warrant expanding distribution to different parts of the state.