Annual Good Old Days festival holds special meaning

Posted at 9:32 AM, Jul 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-22 11:33:20-04

SAINT IGNATIUS – A St. Ignatius man honored his friend, who died this past February, by filling in for him at the Good Old Days parade over the weekend.

The Good Old Days Festival always has a lot to offer but this year it held special significance for some members of the community. 

Saint Ignatius lost a beloved member of their community — Les Rice — to a battle with cancer in February.

He was a beloved basketball coach and a very active member of their community who announced the annual Good Old Days parade. 

“He’s been very important to Saint Ignatius and of course when we lost him last year it was like ‘okay, who’s gonna do this chore, who’s gonna do this chore.’ And once again, we were faced with that at this event and being a friend ‘I said oh I’ll do it one year’,” Stuart Morton said.

He met Les in High school and they had been friends ever since.  To honor his memory Morton — wearing Rice’s favorite hat and sporting blue and orange for Les’ favorite sports team, the Dolphins — announced in his place. 

“He was in my wedding. I was in his, it’s a great deal. It’s a great honor to do this today,” Morton said. 

He told MTN News that Rice had been announcing the parade and other Good Old Days activities for around 30 years. 

Morton now hopes someone will take over the job for him next year and build a new tradition.