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Kalispell police anonymously help people in need

Posted at 8:16 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 10:22:02-05

KALISPELL — A captain with the Kalispell Police Department told MTN News there are many times officers come face to face with citizens who are experiencing the worst moments of their lives.

Kalispell Police Patrol Captain Brett Corbett says officers go above and beyond their job requirements to help those people.

While officers often point people towards professional help and services, like shelters, Corbett said officers will often personally help them out.

Corbett related a story of a young woman who moved to the Flathead Valley with an abusive boyfriend.

After the officer responded to this domestic abuse case, he discovered the woman had no family, friends or money to travel back home.

“She had no means of getting back home, to where she came from out of state," said Corbett. "And the officer gave her gas money to get home, because she didn’t have any resources, any friends, any connections here at all.”

Corbett said, these officers don’t do this for notoriety.

“They don’t do it for recognition, they don’t tell anybody about it. And that’s the goal, the goal is to, again, when you see someone in a very desperate situation and you want to help."