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Billings city administrator celebrates trails, Mother's Day and recovery

Posted at 5:52 PM, May 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-10 19:52:59-04

The Tour de Fleur gives women a chance to enjoy the trails.

Since it's a virtual event running throughout the month of May this year, it’s a chance to combine the tour with Mother’s Day.

Billings City Administrator Chris Kukulski celebrated on the trails at Swords Park on Saturday.

"My wife Nicole, daughters Chelsea, Shelby, Grace, and our future son-in-law Trent," he said. “Celebrate the Tour de Fleur, the fundraising event, just enjoy the beautiful community."

Chris Kukulski family: Grace, Chelsea, future son-in-law Trent, Shelby, Nicole and Chris.

The Kukulskis are celebrating more than Mother’s Day.

"My wife had an aneurysm January 17,” Kukulski said. “Lord willing, she was totally fine after spending 15 nights in the University of Utah. She's making a full recovery and is doing great. So we're just all out celebrating Mother’s Day and having a wonderful weekend."

Nicole already has returned to teaching full time at Heritage Christian School in Bozeman.

"I already feel like I've made a full recovery, thankfully,” Nicole Kukulski said. “Except for the hair. That's why when you see me around, I'll always have on a hat this year. They left me with a nice fancy haircut afterwards. They said I would return to normal, but I feel like I already have, so I'm just really grateful."

Chris Kukulski started as Billings city administrator in November of 2018.

He and his family have been traveling between Billings and Bozeman.

But COVID-19 and the state's Stay At Home directive, along with online work and school, have allowed his family to reunite sooner.

"Cut off about three or four months of what otherwise would've been still kind of traveling between Bozeman and Billings," Chris said.

"We're just so grateful to be celebrating our moms in Michigan, family, being alive and being here together in Billings," Nicole said.

The Kukulskis expect to complete their move to Billings in June.