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Community generosity continues for Lolo boy and his service dog

PetSmart gave the family $400 to get what they need
Posted at 7:53 AM, Aug 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 16:46:56-04

MISSOULA — MTN News recently brought you the story of a local family who just got their service dog, Marnie.

The process took thousands of dollars and years of patience for the family -- and they’re still getting help.

Robbie Claswon, is a 16-year-old Lolo boy with cerebral palsy, Gorlin’s syndrome, epilepsy, and the second recorded case of a deleted chromosome.

"I think it’s really amazing the community still is giving and supporting. You kind of think after you’ve gone through the journey of fundraising and getting the dog, everything kind of goes to the wayside," Robbie's mother, Robin MacMillan said. "So it's really awesome just to see that people are still supporting us," she added.

The fundraising effort raised $17,000 to train Marnie in Ohio and on Sunday, PetSmart gave the family $400 to get what they need.

Dog trainer Logan Hadley brought Robbie, Marnie, and his mom Robin around the Missoula store.

"I’ve been kind of following the Facebook story. I was reading some news articles on it this morning, getting a little teary eyed," Hadley said. "How this has come full circle for Robbie is just so, so wonderful."

The crew picked up treats, toys and looked at beds -- all with a pre-loaded gift card that won’t expire.

Hadley says it’s getting more expensive and difficult to get a service dog and that the store was happy to help.

"It's really amazing how the entire community came together for them. And now he can have the sense of stability and have this dog that is going to help him live his life. And as a dog trainer, oh it's just amazing," Hadley told MTN News.

The family was sure to thank PetSmart for the donation. They only spent $179 of the $400, so they plan to stop back when they run out of food.

Marnie's next big adventure will be joining Robbie at school in December.