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FWP issues Montana safe hunting reminder

Hunter Orange
Posted at 8:53 AM, Oct 21, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-21 12:29:18-04

MISSOULA — Montana wildlife officials are encouraging more than just hunters to wear bright colored gear this time of year.

Open rifle season begins this weekend and Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser notes much of Montana's recreation season overlaps with hunting season.

With that in mind -- no matter what activity you're participating in, hiking, biking or fishing -- it's smart to wear bright colors and make sure you know where hunting may be happening.

"Hunters are, you know, out there very much in tune that they’re not the only ones out there as well. So you know there’s basic rules that we teach in our hunters ed classes like firearms safety and one of those is being sure of your target and beyond," Crowser explained..

"So I think, you know, you can know that’s on the minds of everybody out there but absolutely some self responsibility and having something something bright and having that awareness is an important piece of it too," she added.

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