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Lake County residents to vote on local marijuana tax

3% local tax would be implemented on recreational and medical marijuana sales
Lake Co marijuana
Posted at 3:30 PM, Dec 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-15 17:59:53-05

POLSON — Lake County Commissioners have approved a resolution to allow a vote on whether a 3% local tax will be implemented on the sale of recreational and medical marijuana.

The ballot will consist of separate questions deciding if the tax should be implemented on just recreational marijuana or both recreational and medical.

Lake County voters will decide on the tax during the county’s primary election in June. If approved, the tax would take effect in September.

Polson City Manager Ed Meece said 50% of revenue from an approved tax would go to the county, 5% to the Montana Department of Revenue, and the remaining 45% would be divided between Polson, Ronan, and Saint Ignatius based on population.

He added the tax would be a significant revenue source for the City of Polson’s general fund.

“If approved, these funds would certainly be there to supplement the general fund which is where we pay for public safety concerns, for instance, fire, police, city court, all of those are folks that would be mitigating some of the potential impacts of recreational marijuana and the commercial sale of it within the community." - Polson City Manager Ed Meece

The City of Polson is still in the process of finalizing an ordinance to regulate recreational marijuana sales within city limits.