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Montana spider season in full swing

Posted at 9:08 AM, Sep 19, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-21 17:59:05-04

MISSOULA — If you've been noticing more spiders around your home this year, there's probably a reason.

Pest experts say they've been getting more calls, and that's due to the colder weather we saw this summer.

Spiders, along with other pests -- like squirrels, mice, and raccoons -- might be trying to stay warm, by moving into people's homes.

The best thing to do if you're worried about infestations, is take preventative action.

You should check your door seals and pipe entry points for holes.

You can also use sprays or glue boards to kill the bugs, if you already have a problem.

Holdfast Pest Solutions Manager Josh McCloud says they always see an increase in spiders around this time, but this year seems more buggy.

"Once we get into the colder months, we really start to see a lot more movement indoors. It's really common, usually August and September are our biggest hobo spider months."

McCloud also says you can mix one part water, one part rubbing alcohol, and a couple dollops of dish soap in a spray bottle to kill the crawlers.