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Snowmobiler killed in Swan Range Avalanche

Avalanche Warning
Posted at 10:25 AM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-07 12:42:45-05

MISSOULA — A snowmobiler was killed in an avalanche in the Swan Range on Saturday, according to a Facebook post by the Friends of the Flathead Avalanche Center.

A second report of an incident occurred Saturday, when a snowmobiler was caught and carried, but not buried or injured. The rider was able to remain on top of the moving debris and came away unscathed, according to the Flathead Avalanche Center in Hungry Horse.

For nine days straight, riders have triggered avalanches large enough to bury, injure and kill a person.

The Center issues backcountry avalanche warnings for the following counties: Flathead, Lake, and Lincoln.

The warnings are in effect and extend from Sunday to Monday at 6:30 a.m. for very dangerous avalanche conditions.

The Center recommends that people avoid riding or traveling in avalanche terrain, and to stay home if they have trouble identifying dangerous terrain.

New and drifted snow overload fragile, reactive weak layers of snow which easily trigger large, wide, and deadly avalanches. Natural avalanches may run long distances.

Similar avalanche danger may exist at locations outside the coverage area.

MTN News is working to gather more details.