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St. Ignatius school improvements nearing completion

St. Ignatius School Construction
St. Ignatius Schools
Posted at 3:33 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-18 12:18:33-05

ST. IGNATIUS — St. Ignatius voters narrowly passed a multi-million dollar bond to update schools back in May of 2018.

The school district has just about completed its $7 million in renovations, which Superintendent Jason Sargent says will give students a shot at a better future.

"Culinary arts, early childhood development, metals, electricians -- all of those career tech,” he said. “And of course college readiness is our main goal."

The renovations include a new shop, family and consumer science center, technology center, gym, locker rooms, bathrooms and weight rooms.

"It's gonna give us an opportunity to give our students a fair shot at a lot of the employment opportunities that are out there,” Sargent told MTN News.

He also pointed out that middle school and high school athletics struggle using the same space. Practice is early in the morning, and late at night -- and during games staff struggle rotating 10 different teams out of two locker rooms.

"Our gym is being used constantly, seven days a week most of the time,” Sargent said.

Voters passed a $5.7 million bond in 2018. The District also received an additional $400,000, as well as a 1 million dollar deferred maintenance loan when the measure was approved. Construction is slated to be done on all fronts by the end of the summer.

"It just took a long time to get the civil work done on the ground, and now that things are actually being seen, parents are excited,” Sargent said, adding that he knows the bond was a sacrifice the voters made.

"I can’t thank the community, the voters -- and the people that have made this a reality. It's really a great thing for our kids here at St. Ignatius,” Sargent concluded.

The elementary school is also getting some updates and Sargent hopes that by next semester everything will be up and running.