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Water Emergency continues in Polson

Polson Water Tanks
Posted at 2:10 PM, Jul 27, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-28 11:18:30-04

POLSON — The Water Emergency declared over the weekend remains in effect in Polson.

The City of Polson is prohibiting all unnecessary use of water to include watering residential and commercial lawns, and the unnecessary use of municipal water. Additionally, fresh and sensitive landscaping should be watered only as needed for survival.

Polson City Manager Ed Meece says water service was re-connected to all residences on Skyline Drive, Mission View, JB Drive, and Claffey Drive by 10 p.m., and the efforts to fill critically low reserve tanks were successful.

“In addition to refilling the Skyline reserve tanks, this step allowed other tanks in the water system to begin to fill as well, providing much needed reserve capacity for the entire community,” Meece explained.

The water system also did not experience an overnight drop in reserves which Meece says is due to the prohibition of lawn watering which brought a much smaller demand surge than had been recently experienced.

Meece noted in a news release that the “continued recharging of the water system reserves provides needed resources for fire protection and effective system operation.”

While the current prohibition on lawn watering and the unnecessary use of municipal water remains in effect, Meece says if current trends hold, it is expected that a return to reduced lawn watering may come early next week.