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North Valley Food Bank debuts new donation station

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Posted at 2:31 PM, Mar 11, 2022

WHITEFISH - The North Valley Food Bank now has a digital donation jar so people can donate using a credit card.

The Dip to Donate jar started in February during the Feed Love fundraiser and is now being moved to different locations around Whitefish. Currently, the jar is at the Whitefish Liquor Store and it will be moved to a different business every month.

"North Valley Food Bank has historically hosted little donation jars in different businesses all over town. And now we have implemented an electronic dip jar. It's a really fun small device where you basically dip your credit card and with the little dip you give back to your community and to your local food bank," said North Valley Food Bank Executive Director Sophie Albert.

The food bank is seeing new people every week due to the rising cost of food and housing and is currently serving around 250 to 300 families weekly.

Additionally, due to rising costs are rising, the food bank is seeing an impact on their budget for delivering to rural areas. People can donate online or by finding a local store in Whitefish that has a donation jar.