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UPS in Great Falls taking extra precautions

Posted at 10:15 AM, Apr 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-05 12:15:48-04

Amid the pandemic we are experiencing with COVID-19, the need for fast and sanitary deliveries has never been higher. The UPS Store in Great Falls said some of the biggest items they have seen shipped off is toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and diapers, often due to the lack of supplies in other cities.

“Toilet paper is top on the list, there is a lot of families that have obviously families in other states that aren’t able to get some of those supplies. Hand sanitizer, diapers, which seems kind of odd but a lot of diapers being shipped,” says Jaymie Christian, manager of the UPS store on 10th Avenue South.

They also say they have been staying very busy during this time. “We are catering to all the people who are working from home, who need to send important documents and still need to keep their business going. They aren’t maybe allowed to go into work. We are trying to service all of those people who are still trying to make a living and get those medicines and important documents.”

UPS employees also want to make sure they are safe and that their customers stay safe as well.

Christian says, “Obviously you want to make sure you’re sanitizing and washing your hands. You know we have been told by various news places that it can only live on cardboard up for maybe 24 hours to maybe 48 hours. We just want to make sure you’re washing your hands.”

She says they also take precautions with your packages.

“We deal and handle so much stuff here from clothing and that sort of thing, so we put them into plastic bags and after we get them shipped, we wash our hands.”

We're Open
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