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Out and About: Learn more about the sport of fencing

Posted at 10:09 AM, Mar 02, 2023

MISSOULA - Many people may be looking for a way to keep moving and stay active as we wait for the warmer weather to arrive.

Many people have heard about the sport of fencing, but very few have given it a try. We talked with the Missoula Fencing Association to learn more about the unique sport.

Whether you are looking for just a part-time hobby, want to go pro, or just need a way for the kids to burn off some of that cooped-up winter energy, the Missoula Fencing Association can help.

“We start at age six and start training all the way up. And it’s a lifelong sport. Even at [the] national level, you can find 80-year-olds. So, any age, any ability level you can find a place inside the sport," explained Matt Clausen with the Missoula Fencing Association.

We talked with the Missoula Fencing Association to learn more about the unique sport and what it entails.

While the physical aspects and benefits are great, the sport works on your mental game as well.

“Any physical sport, it works on the opportunity to work on your fitness. Because of the mental challenge that comes with fencing and trying to figure out your opponent and how that works,” Clausen said. “There is a lot of confidence building that can come with fencing. You learn how to problem solve and learn how to deal with the problem that is right in front of you, and what you can do about that."

Clausen — who has been fencing for over 30 years — loves the sport and says competing against an opponent is what you practice for. But one of his favorite aspects — and one he brings to the club — is friendship and community.

Matt Clausen
Matt Clausen with the Missoula Fencing Association has been invovled in the sport of fencing for over 30 years.

“We as Missoula Fencing Association really focus on the teamwork and comradery. Sure, we compete against each other, but we have that team-building mentality and attitude,” Clausen told MTN News. “It’s a very friendly place to be, and we want it to be welcoming for people. So, it’s not that we are all pitted against each other all the time, it’s learning how to grow and become better athletes together and building on each other’s strengths."

People who are interested in trying out the sport of fencing can find more information about the Missoula Fencing Association at https://www.missoulafencing.net/.