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Blackfeet couple launching a community youth center

Frank and Ember Kipp
Posted at 11:14 AM, Apr 28, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-28 13:17:40-04

BROWNING - Frankie Kipp, the owner of the Blackfeet Nation Boxing Club, has made it his mission to empower the youth of Browning.

With plans to build a community youth center, his dream of providing kids with the tools they need to stay healthy and safe is so much closer to reality.

“This Boxing Club has meant so much to me, these kids mean so much to me. I want to keep helping them, letting them know that they can do all these things, so you know, that’s why we’re making this extension," he explained.

Kipp hopes to open the center in late July and has already been hard at work hiring local contractors to build the center next to the already existing boxing gym.

“We have a lot of things planned. A lot of things. Mostly, we want to educate kids on alcohol and drug prevention, help them with community service and provide activities that they can focus on instead of all this negative stuff,”

With 20 years under their belt, Frank and his wife Ember have offered a safe place where kids can not only develop a love for a fun sport but develop a love for themselves.

They have both touched many lives and hope to extend that positivity to more kids by creating a center that houses activities for all types of interests.

“This isn’t about boxing anymore. It’s about all of them. All of the kids in Browning, all of the kids everywhere," Frank explained. "They need someone in their lives to teach them to make the right decisions and if that person is me, then I am honored.”

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