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Hamilton spreads love to retirement center residents

Hamilton Seniors Valentines
Hamilton Seniors Valentines
Hamilton Seniors Valentines
Posted at 9:35 AM, Feb 08, 2022

HAMILTON — Sapphire Lutheran Homes in Hamilton is seeking Valentines for their residents as they can bring a little bit of joy come this holiday.

Residents Elanie, Lucille and Carol can be found on the second floor of the facility with their doors decorated and hearts full of gratitude for the Valentines that show up outside their door every morning.

“And he says, 'I'm fourth grader,'" read Sapphire Lutheran Homes resident Lucille Molinari. "'I love the holidays. I hope you do too. I hope you can see your family. Happy Valentine's Day. Lyaton.' And to do all that work. And then still make a card for you and write a little personal note. It is mind-boggling.”

Hamilton Seniors Valentines

Every resident in the retirement center has received a Valentine — complete with a handwritten card or a special treat from members in the community — for the past four years.

“Little projects like this really involve the community and get both of our residents and also members of the community together in fun little Valentine event,” said Sapphire Lutheran Homes Community Life director Dominic Farrenkopf.

Resident Eunice Romo — the lady that started it all — has a simple message: share the love, "everybody should love one another."

And for the residents, the joy they received from checking their boxes every day, is unmatched.

Hamilton Seniors Valentines

“It's a pleasure to read those cards the kids have handmade and then you get an extra treat like that little bird in there," resident Elanie Kucera told MTN News. "That was really special.”

“It's wonderful for me to get all of these Valentine's from everyone because I never get any mail except my VISA bill and my bank statement," noted resident Carol Winkler.

The retirement center is looking for more volunteers to make these valentines for their residents. Anyone who is interested can make Valentine's out to Sapphire Lutheran Homes 501 N. 10th St., Hamilton, MT 59840, until Monday, Feb. 14.

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