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Loads of Dignity giving love to those in the community who need it

Posted at 3:37 PM, Aug 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-02 17:37:15-04

HAMILTON - Doing laundry for many people is as simple as tossing a load into the washer when you get home from work.

But some people don't have the means to do that and that's where Hamilton's Loads of Dignity Love comes in.

They are impacting someone's life can be as little as one load at a time.

“When I am here I see so many people come to the counter and they are just so excited to actually have clean clothes for once in their lives,” said Cole Bawley who works at Loads of Dignity.

Giving people dignity one load at a time is the goal Stefani Jackson had when she started Loads of Dignity a couple years ago.

Jackson is giving people the money for laundry, hygiene bags and offering up showers to those who need it.

For mom of five, Sara Patrick, this program helps her prepare for back to school.

“It is a true blessing,“ said Patrick. "Having this program gives me kind of one less thing, even though I have to come do laundry, one less thing to budget for.”

Having clean clothes for school is one thing Jackson admits about.

“There is less bullying, they attend school more and they build up relationships,” Jackson told MTN News.

Over the last four months, Jackson has been averaging three to seven new customers a day.

It's a testament to how needed her service is in the community.

“I just, I can’t anymore," said Jackson. "And I have had to limit.”

But with more demand, and not enough funds to keep up.

Jackson is having to limit individuals to one load and families to three loads and with school starting again, Jackson says that just won’t cut it.

For customers like Patrick, this program helps with more than just restoring dignity.

“Having your clothes clean gives you confidence that you look good,” Patrick told MTN News.

Giving a clean, confident look to someone in need costs only $7.

To donate you can contact Stefani Jackson at

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