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Montana chef is competing for national award

Julie Curtis - owner of Nosh MT Catering
Nosh MT Catering
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Posted at 10:17 AM, Jun 20, 2023
and last updated 2023-06-20 12:17:29-04

GREAT FALLS - Julie Curtis of Great Falls owns and operates Nosh MT Catering, a small business that focuses on sustainable, locally-sourced cooking.

Her latest venture? Applying herself to the “Favorite Chef” Competition, a national contest involving hundreds of chefs.

“It’s humbling to even be considered for the competition,” says Curtis, who currently sits atop her group as the top vote-getter.

Chefs are split into groups of ninety, but only the top 20 in each group advance. The first round of cuts will be made later this week.

In her application, Curtis emphasized her role as a local producer, utilizing Montana’s farmers and ranchers to source her ingredients.

“You just got to appreciate what's around you and showcase that,” she noted.

If she wins, Julie will receive $25,000 for her business and be featured in a two-page spread in ‘Taste of Home’ magazine.

She says she plans to use the money to upgrade her catering capacity, so she can fulfill orders with larger venues and crowds.

Off to a hot start, Julie is nothing but appreciative: “The support that I receive from everyone else because they see me chasing my dream and contributing to the community, it means so much.”

Click here if you would like to vote for Julie.

Five other chefs from the Great Falls area are also competing in the contest.

  • Mischa Welch: "Buy my frozen yogurt machines/ equipment and install my 3-compartment sink and hand washing sink and purchase supplies. Open my yogurtini bar in a small town in Choteau, Montana in 2023." Click here to vote for Mischa.
  • Gregory Rodgers: "As a Chef I believe that it is impossible for me to pick a dish when inspiration and creativity is constantly developing. Currently, I love working with chemistry and molecular gastronomy." Click here to vote for Gregory.
  • Sydne George: "I'd have to say my favorite dish to make is my Hoisin-Glazed Seabass on a Bed of Asian Sesame Slaw. I've made this dinner party dazzler countless times over the years for family and friends and love, love, love everything about it!" Click here to vote for Sydne.
  • Alex Salazar: "Spend it on the business and do more community events in my small town. I do crawdad boils, hold block parties, various beer and wine pairings. Whatever I could do to bring folks together." Click here to vote for Alex.
  • Janell Runningwolf: "My family - I enjoy making new dishes, seeing them enjoy what I cook. Invest in a food truck and new appliances to support my business." Click here to vote for Janell.

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