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Montana non-profit shows love with free laundry for clients

Nonprofit hosted "Love and Laundry" day Tuesday
Melissa Giard
Love and Laundry
Posted at 1:12 PM, Feb 15, 2023

GREAT FALLS - Representatives from Opportunities, Inc. were busy putting quarters in washers and dryers at Falls Cleaners in Great Falls on Tuesday.

"We are an agency (that) works with individuals to help them reach a higher level of self-sufficiency," said Opportunities, Inc Outreach & Program Development Coordinator Melissa Giard.

On certain days, Opportunities, Inc.'s clients have the option to come to the laundry mat and have Opportunities, Inc. cover the cost of doing their laundry.

Tuesday was one of those days.
Fitting, perhaps, to show a little love on Valentine's Day — though the nonprofit said the date was purely a coincidence.

"Love and Laundry was a service we started up about a year and a half ago. This was kind of to help things in the middle of COVID. We had lots of folks living in hotel rooms and were unable to work. they had lost their jobs from COVID," Giard said, explaining the laundry service.

Melissa Giard
Melissa Giard

None of the clients at the laundry mat wanted to talk on camera but one woman said the service is a big help, saving her $25 a week.

Occasional snacks, coffee, and an opportunity to catch up are also offered on these days.

"If there's any paperwork we need to update or anything like that, we go over that with them. Kind of chat to see how their day-to-day routine's going," Giard said. "We've completed 2,200 loads of laundry so far since we've started, which is pretty substantial. So it's been very successful."

Click here to visit the Opportunities website.

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