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Montana nonprofit raises money for single moms during the holidays

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Posted at 8:39 AM, Dec 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-19 10:40:25-05

BOZEMAN - The Bozeman organization "More Hope" was started back in 2018, when April Sky moved to Bozeman with her son, and has recently become a nonprofit to help single mothers.

“As you move into the holidays, as magical as they are, the increased heating, the expectation of presents,” Sky said, “so I started with a Facebook post.”

The post posed a question: Is there anyone interested in donating money to single-mom families that may need help during the holidays?

“So we did it the next year, and it got bigger, and then we did it next year and it got bigger — it just has to keep growing, not only the financial component but the awareness piece.” Sky said.

One recipient, Leota Kelsey, notes how More Hope gives mothers a reprieve amid the holiday season.

Kelsey has one daughter and has been a single mom for three and a half years.

“They’re not going to wake up on Christmas morning and not have a lot, and the fact that my daughter doesn’t have that, it makes me very very happy,” Kelsey said.

More Hope gives single moms the ability to nominate themselves or have another nominate them, to receive some holiday help.

In the past, April says she has heard moms use the money to repair their car, pay off their utilities, or have a few more gifts for the children.

A silent auction was held in Bozeman, and after costs, More Hope was able to bring in $6,000.

For donations, Sky recommends heading to the group's Instagram account and clicking the link in their bio.

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