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Montana woman creates 'watering hole' for dogs in her yard

Great Falls woman creates 'watering hole' for dogs in her yard
Posted at 9:40 AM, Aug 17, 2022

GREAT FALLS - It’s the perfect "puppy pit stop." Sarah Walker of Great Falls has been putting out a water bowl for traveling dogs to quench their thirst while on their morning, afternoon, or nighttime walks.

“I personally haven’t seen too many dogs use it but my son says he has seen it!” said Walker, “My office is on the other side of the house so I don't get to see who uses it, but I'm thankful to hear that people appreciate and use it because that's what it was made for!”

Great Falls woman creates 'watering hole' for dogs in her yard
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One of those faithful water hole users is Brianne Laurin and her furbabies Lily and Luna.

“I live just about 10 blocks east of here but we loop down from Fourth, but as soon as we hit that corner of 28th and 5th they drag me to this spot,” said Laurin.

Walker's family used to have a dog but says since they moved, they haven't had one, so it's nice to see the dogs stop outside their house.

Walker says that she switches the bowls of water fairly often to make sure it's fresh and cold for the dogs. 

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