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Rocky the rock snake has been growing along the Parkline Trail in Kalispell this summer

Kalispell Rock Snake
Posted at 3:32 PM, Aug 21, 2023
and last updated 2023-08-21 17:38:16-04

KALISPELL - Seven-year-old Madilynn Anderson and her grandma, Bilynda Jassman, started a rock snake along the Parkline Trail in Kalispell at the beginning of summer.

A rock snake is a line of painted rocks people can add to make the snake grow.

“I think my favorite part is watching it grow. Looking at it and seeing all the cool paintings people have done,” said Jassman.

The idea for Rocky the rock snake started from Madilynn’s love of art.

While this has been a fun project for kids throughout Kalispell, there have been some issues with Rocky disappearing.

“Shortly after we put Rocky out here, it was just rocks that we had painted, he was gone. All of his rocks were gone,” said Jassman.

Rocky has been returned to his original location but now his head has been taken again. Maddilynn and Bilynda are hoping it will be returned.

“We love Rocky, don't we? How much do you love Rocky?" asked Jassman

"Forever,” said Madilynn.

Anyone who would like to add their own painted rock or see Rocky for themselves can find him on the Parkline Trail between South Meridian Road and Fifth Avenue Northwest.

“I really want him to grow forever and when Rocky gets too long we move him up,” said Madilynn.

The main goal of creating Rocky is, “To make people smile!” said Madilynn.

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