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Young Arlee students receive bike donations for PE classes

Engineering company HDR and All Kids Bike are helping young students to learn how to ride bikes.
Arlee School Bike Donation
Posted at 9:42 AM, May 04, 2023

ARLEE - The engineering company HDR has partnered with All Kids Bike to help kindergarteners at Title 1 Schools learn how to ride bikes in their PE classes.

The kids at Arlee schools were surprised with Strider Balance Bikes!

High school students helped the kids by fitting them with matching Strider helmets.

Each kid then got to cruise around the gym with most scooting their feet on the floor.

Fourth grade students and teachers partnered up with students to help them get the hang of being on two wheels.

Going forward, the kindergarteners will begin a Learn-To-Ride program in their PE classes and will soon be proficient riders.

“When I first got on the bike, I was kinda getting on, I was kinda getting used to it and I got it right. And I kinda wanted to be respectful and give somebody a turn,” said Kindergarten student Charlie.

It seems that along with riding, the bikes are a gateway for the kindergartners to learn other valuable skills like sharing and safety.

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