Flathead Valley car donation helps family with daughter susceptible to COVID-19

Posted at 2:51 PM, Apr 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-24 20:18:05-04

POLSON — Two mothers sharing a commonality have come together to help each other during the Montana coronavirus outbreak.

Polson mom Amber Flying told MTN that her daughter Sara was born with a variety of health issues.

"She has a blue heart where they did surgery on the main arteries to the heart and switched them around," said Flying. "And then, she also had two strokes when she was born. To that, she had brain damage to her right and left motor skills. So, her left part of her body, she don't move from the strokes."

Amber says her daughter is a fighter but when COVID-19 hit it took a huge toll on her family because of Sara's health issues, she is at a higher risk for contracting coronavirus.

Amber can't work right now because of the risk it poses to bringing the virus home to her daughter, "we had to be quarantined in because her doctors and stuff wanted to keep her out of the hospital."

Amber usually relied on family and friends to transport Sara and herself to doctor's appointments. However, because of Sara's susceptibility, they were no longer able to carpool because of coronavirus.

A Flathead Valley woman -- Sabrina Wisher-Dewitt -- found out about Amber's need for a car and donated a used Rav 4 to Flying through her foundation Mikayla's Miracles and Blessings.

Wisher-Dewitt even found a car with a trunk big enough to fit Sara's wheelchair. Using her family's business Wisher's Auto Recycling she makes old cars usable for kids like Sara with disabilities.

"Mikayla wasn't supposed to live to be a year, and I'm proud to say she'll be 29 next month," explained Wisher-Dewitt "And she doesn't walk or talk. So, her daughter Sara is a lot like Mikayla."

Amber is so thankful for this donation because she doesn't have to worry about Sara coming in contact with anyone in their car.

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