Signs of employment optimism seen in Butte

Posted at 8:17 AM, Apr 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-23 10:17:27-04

BUTTE — The coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has weakened the Butte economy, but there is still hope for workers.

“There are jobs, we have jobs right now. We need to find the right people to fill them,” said Tabatha Hyatt, the co-owner of Express Employment Professionals in Butte.

Express Employment Professionals continues to get calls from employers seeking workers.

“We have a few facilities looking for nurse’s aides, nurses, things like that, and also in the realm of cleaning and housekeeping, and we’ve seen manufacturing stay up,” said Hyatt.

Experts say people who lost jobs or had hours cut can take the time during quarantine to improve their resume or learn additional skills for the workplace.

“I think now is a good time to take an online course, even just preparing to work again to improve yourself, improve your skills,” said Hyatt.

In anticipation of some of the restrictions being relaxed, some employers in Butte are seeking employees, so they can be ready when business gets back to normal.

“And maybe they can’t hire right now, at this minute, but they have to do it very soon, so that they can train be ready for more business,” said Hyatt.