Kalispell's Chef Guys bring a unique dining experience to your table

The Chef Guys
The Chef Guys
The Chef Guys
Posted at 9:32 AM, Mar 26, 2021
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KALISPELL — When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, many restaurants were forced to close their doors.

However, for one Kalispell catering business, all they needed was for you to open yours.

Unique dining experience? Check.

A six-course meal with wine and drink pairings? Of course.

You relax and they cook? Just how it should be.

"It's very fun for us, it's a very intimate and personal experience," said The Chef Guys co-founder Shaun Cubberly.

The Chef Guys

This was the goal of Cubberly and his business partner Tyler Wells when they started The Chef Guys four years ago.

It was an idea to turn a chef's passion for food into something besides being a restaurant cook.

It also meant providing quality cuisine to people in the comfort of their own homes.

But despite this modern twist on a classic industry, The Chef Guys were still impacted by the pandemic shutdowns of 2020.

“We had a lot of gigs in the books and everybody kind of canceled once the pandemic started so we were pretty much out of business for a few months it nearly killed us.” said Cubberly.

Despite the hits, some moments -- such as the west side of Glacier National Park reopening last June -- offered some stability.

“We just got flooded with people requesting our services because I guess they decided it was more of a safer and more comfortable service than trying to go out to eat,” said Cubberly.

The Chef Guys

And with the pandemic closing restaurants across the country, Wells wanted to give opportunities to those without work.

“I can't even imagine what the number is of the people that are out of work you know people that are just like us passionate about food that have been doing it for years and now they're stuck they have no idea what to do,” said Wells.

However, Wells sees potential in moving the business to cities such as Jackson Hole, as it is similar to Whitefish.

“We want to hopefully sooner than later get out there and offer our services in these different areas and get these people to work,” said Wells.

With the private dining experience The Chef Guys offer, Cubberly says they do it to see the joy on people’s faces..

“We get, you know, everything from a handshake to a hug to a standing ovation of even had a lady start crying and hug me because it was her like 40th wedding anniversary,” said Cubberly.

Click here if you would like to book your own private chef from The Chef Guys.

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