Missoula construction company hiring restaurants to cater for workers

Posted at 4:08 PM, Apr 24, 2020

A Missoula construction company is hiring different restaurants for the next 12 weeks to bring food to its workers.

On Friday, Sonny's Original food truck parked at Missoula Concrete Construction.

Vice President Adam Bauer says the construction company is paying restaurants to bring 45 lunches every Friday, for the next 12 weeks. "The response has been great from our crew."

"I love the local food companies here in Missoula. It was tough to watch what was happening to them," Bauer said.

Food truck owner Danny DiMezza said, fortunately, he can still work almost like normal. "I was saying to another food truck owner recently that this is the first time in the history of small business, where being really small has been an advantage."

"Any time we're able to get out and cater, it's really beneficial to us, especially now, because we're able to have a lot more control over our interactions with customers," said DiMezza.

Bauer said his employees are working as hard as ever. "The expectations are that you are operating at 100 percent efficiency. When you go outside, you see that all things are not normal, working at 100 percent efficiency. It's really strange to juggle these worlds."

That's why he's happy to at least make sure they're fed.

Bauer said, "It's been pretty great that we've been able to support them through this."

Missoula Concrete Construction is paying the restaurants 500 dollars each for the lunches.