Missoula fitness instructor takes class outdoors

outdoor fitness
Outdoor Fitness
Posted at 2:37 PM, Dec 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-23 16:37:03-05

MISSOULA — A local fitness instructor is embracing chilly days with her outdoor spin class.

It’s a “temporary” alternative to an indoor class has gained major popularity.

It’s 8 a.m. with dark skies and frozen windshields – but a group of workout junkies were braving the cold when we recently paid a visit.

“I think this gave people the opportunity to continue to exercise, and also feel safe doing so,” said Christy Jo McFarland, a spin instructor at the PEAK Health and Wellness Center – Blue Mountain in Missoula.

“Our indoor space is really small, so it almost is like we have a bigger space now because we get to see the mountains, we get to see the morning come up together,” she added.

Outdoor Fitness
A Missoula fitness instructor is embracing chilly days by holding an outdoor spin class.

PEAK Fitness is going the extra mile in all of its COVID-19 protocols. They have the nanoseptic self-cleaning technology, the mister to sanitize equipment, temperature checks for members and more. Now, thanks to instructor CJ McFarland, they have outdoor spin.

"We opened up after the shutdown in March, you're like, how can we do this, where we all feel comfortable, and so we're like, we have this great patio. Let's try it. Let's see if people come, well...” McFarland said. “Every class has been full and everyone like has signed up for months in advance to be on a bike out here."

People driving by PEAK fitness along Highway 93 early on a Tuesday or Thursday morning will see McFarland and her class cyclers sweating it out in the cold -- and she says a little snow like we've experienced this week -- is the least of her concerns.

outdoor fitness
Christy Jo McFarland is a spin instructor at the PEAK Health and Wellness Center – Blue Mountain in Missoula.

“They're all under the cover for the most part, but I've been out and been soaked because it's been raining. I'm just like you guys, we'll keep going until I can't handle anymore,” McFarland told MTN News. “It's been like 23 degrees some mornings, but after we get going, everyone's steamy, everyone's ripping their clothes off.”

The change in scenery is invigorating her cyclists and offering camaraderie to combat the pandemic isolation, "everyone here is so supportive of everyone,” McFarland said.

McFarland knows the temperatures will continue to drop, but she said as long as people keep coming, she’ll continue holding class outdoors.

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