Columbia Falls girls basketball team leaning on confidence for another successful season

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Posted at 8:21 AM, Feb 10, 2022

COLUMBIA FALLS — After a dominating 17 -3 season last year, the Columbia Falls girls basketball team has carried that momentum into this season.

"I wanted to carry it over just in like in a leadership standpoint and it boosted my confidence coming off of last year and just leading our team and having fun together and just playing confidently," senior Maddie Robinson said.

And with only one returning starter this season, it's that confidence that has helped the younger girls step up and lead.

"You know, I didn't really have a choice. I was like I am either gonna play confident or I am not and I kind of just made the decision to just be aggressive, every game as much as I could and kind of know my role on the team. It all comes down to confidence," sophomore Hope McAtee said.

Confidence and success are what head coach Cary Finberg has instilled in his team. Before coaching the girls, Finberg lead the boy's program to four state titles in just nine seasons, but with every successful program comes the pressure to continue the success .

"I think it's good for us because we have a lot of pressure on us, but it's a good thing like we can handle handle pressure well, and it helps us be confident because we have to be like there's really no other option," said Robinson.

That attitude and that standard has rubbed off on the entire team.

"We all respect him a lot as a coach just because he's so intense and he really motivates us all and we don't really mess around too much, just because we know what his standards are and he's really good at pushing us to the best we can be" said McAtee.

"We hold each to high standards but we push each other and lift each other up and it is really fun we are all best friends," added Robinson.