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2022 KPAX Sports Awards: Valley Christian's Katelyn Bell and Eyan Becker

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Posted at 11:20 AM, May 12, 2022

MISSOULA — It's officially time for the 2022 KPAX Sports Awards, the time of the year where we honor some of the top student-athletes from the local Missoula high schools.

We'll kick things off with the two representatives from Valley Christian High School, starting with Katelyn Bell and Eyan Becker.

Bell had a decorated career as a three-sport athlete with the Eagles in volleyball, basketball and tennis, and all of that came after she spent most of her life competing in gymnastics.

Bell was a team captain in volleyball, and after high school has eyes on becoming a medical missionary as a nurse in hopes of helping others.

Sports helped her learn how to work with others during her time at Valley Christian and played a big role in her life as high school winds to a close.

"Probably here at Valley, it's definitely different because it's a smaller atmosphere than the public schools," Bell said. "So just being closer with my teammates and getting to know them and even from different grades so just like seniors with seniors but like freshmen with seniors and just getting to kind of work with them too and seeing them grow to be amazing athletes."

Becker was a standout on the football field and basketball court for the Eagles.

Becker was a team captain in both sports for multiple years and has eyes on playing sports in college when high school finishes for him.

Becker's family has been all about sports over the years, and for him they've played a big role in his life growing up.

"Sports have been huge, that's kind of like my family's atmosphere is all about sports so being able to make some great friends and meet some great mentors through that has been huge," Becker said.

That's all for our first nominees for this year's KPAX Sports Awards.

On Wednesday we'll catch up with the candidates from Loyola Sacred Heart High School followed by Hellgate's athletes on Thursday, Sentinel on Friday and Big Sky next Monday.

The winners will then be announced at the KPAX Sports Award banquet on Tuesday, May 17.