Ohio State football players, parents given COVID-19 waiver to sign

Ohio State football players, parents given COVID-19 waiver to sign
Posted at 2:38 PM, Jun 15, 2020

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State football players and their parents were given a pledge to sign, asking them to acknowledge the risk of COVID-19 and take responsibility for their own health and safety, according to a document obtained by ESPN and The Columbus Dispatch.

The electronic pledge, called the “Buckeye Pledge,” states that players will agree to COVID-19 testing and potential self-quarantine if they test positive.

By signing the pledge, students also agree to report any potential exposure to the virus and agree to monitor their health for potential signs of the virus, the document states.

Students who sign the pledge agree to wear a mask or “appropriate PPE” when in any public space and practice social distancing whenever possible, according to the document.

The document states that failure to comply with the Buckeye Pledge “may lead to immediate removal of athletic participation privileges (not my athletics scholarship) and/or the inability to use athletics facilities," according to ESPN.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith told ESPN that the pledge is more so intended for educational purposes than it is for liability reasons.
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This story was originally published by Camryn Justice at WEWS.