Aurora Borealis visible in parts of Western Montana Monday and Tuesday night

Skies stay clear through the end of the week
Posted at 3:59 PM, Sep 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-28 17:59:05-04

MISSOULA — High pressure will be our big story this week.

This high pressure will keep moisture out of the forecast and sunshine in!

Temperatures will continually warm throughout the week.

We start in the 30s in the morning with some frost a possibility, but we warm to the mid to upper 70s through the afternoon hours.

You may have noticed it is getting pretty bright at night- even as the sun sets earlier each evening.

That is because the moon is getting close to a full phase.

This month we have TWO full moons.

One is on October 1st and the other is on October 31st (THAT’S RIGHT! A FULL HALLOWEEN MOON! SPOOKY! As if 2020 hasn’t been spooky enough!)

Another cool thing occurring across a smaller part of our area this Tuesday will also turn our eyes to the skies.

The aurora borealis will likely be visible in the very northern part of Northwest Montana on Monday, September 28th and Tuesday, September 29th!

We are likely to have a KP Index of 6 which is why it will possible be visible in our area!

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