Comet NEOWISE visible in Western Montana skies

Brightness levels will vary through end of July
Posted at 3:31 PM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-11 10:36:27-04


The Comet ‘NEOWISE will continue to pass through our skies just around 4-5 AM Saturday.

You can turn your head to the northeast to see the bright, ancient icy snowball pass by.

Skies remain clear through those early morning hours, too!

Sunday the comet will start appearing right after the sunsets (around dusk).

July 12th and onward we can expect the comet to pass by at a low angle on the northwest horizon, but as we head closer to late July, the brightness may increase as it passes closer to Earth’s atmosphere.

The brightness of comets is unpredictable, so even though the closest orbit of NEOWISE to Earth will occur July 22, we can only hope that the brightness of the icy ball remains high.


We were waking up to early morning showers in Western Montana early Friday morning, but those showers are long gone now.

The disturbance that kicked off some breezy and rainy conditions early today are now moving out of Eastern Montana.

Left behind were a few clouds, but warmer weather still rebounded this afternoon.

Highs tomorrow take an even bigger jump!

We are talking the upper 80s and low 90s across our area Saturday afternoon!

Make sure you grab the sunblock and a few extra glasses of water before you head out to do the yard work.

Sunday things cool down a bit.

Sunday afternoon’s highs will top out in the upper 70s.

A breeze will also be noticeable Sunday afternoon and early evening.

If you are enjoying Sunday’s sunshine and cooler temperatures on the lake, make sure you don’t get caught out in choppy conditions as wind gusts peak around 25-30 MPH in West-Central and Northwest Montana and around 20 MPH around Southwest Montana.

Sunshine remains in our forecast throughout the next week, but we sit steadily in the mid to upper 70s for afternoon highs which is slightly below normal for this time of the year.