New Year's Eve is cold! Be prepared for sub-zero temperatures in western Montana

2022 starts out with cold, dry weather in the Northern Rockies
Sub-zero temperatures expected in western Montana for New Year's Eve
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Posted at 12:37 PM, Dec 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-31 15:04:52-05

MISSOULA — On this last day of 2021, sunshine and very light snow arrived in western Montana, along with very cold temperatures.

If you're stepping out tonight to ring in the new year, it's going to be quite the cold night. Prepare for temperatures below zero throughout western Montana.

Wear extra layers and watch for signs of frostbite. With wind, temperatures will feel even colder.

See graphics below for specifics:

Sub-zero temperatures expected in western Montana for New Year's Eve
New Years Eve 2.png

On New Years Day, cold temperatures remain. Even by 8 a.m. tomorrow temperatures stay below zero, warming up to the single digits and teens by mid-day and into the afternoon.

Overall conditions this weekend will be dry and cold with minimal activity as a weak, high-pressure system moves towards the Northern Rockies.

With this high pressure, mountains should experience some warming this weekend, but inversions will form in the valleys. Those inversions will keep temperatures quite cold beneath the clouds, normal for this time of year.

Next week, the first of 2022, will bring the return of active weather as warm, moist air moves in from the Pacific Ocean. Temperatures will rise, but fluctuate throughout the week.

Snow is expected next week as a cold front of arctic air mixes into the equation. Particularly Monday and Tuesday, especially in higher elevations. This precipitation will break up lingering inversions.

Another plume of moisture is expected by Thursday causing another round of snow.